What is a Phishing Simulation?

What is a Phishing Simulation — Phishing simulations are used to train your staff to detect warning signs of malicious email. A security company that offers phishing simulations creates a series of fake phishing emails tailored to your organization. Fake phishing emails can be fake emails, but they closely mimic real phishing emails.

A proper phishing simulation program will be automated to reduce your input and improve the authenticity of the simulation. Typically, you run the simulation service regularly and modify it to reflect current scams. The software running the simulation sends pre-configured phishing emails to employees to test their responses. These emails can be customized to the company, department, or even person. Exercises are tracked, and the results show the effectiveness of the exercises. You can use these results to further customize the sessions to improve them. The ultimate goal is to train employees to ascertain whether an email is legitimate or not.

Why Should You Experience a Phishing Simulation?

Why Phishing Simulation is Essential

However, using a phishing simulation, you can view and experience fake pages and emails like they are coming from a real cyber attacker. This way, you can detect fraudulent emails and find out what to watch out for. In addition, what should be observed on the fake website is personally experienced. For this reason, phishing attack simulation produces more efficient results than classical training.


Author: Hector
Cyber Security Researcher

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