The Importance of Threat Intelligence Sharing

The Importance of Threat Intelligence Sharing — Cybercriminals find new vulnerabilities and develop more precise attacks every day. Cybersecurity professionals face an ongoing challenge to keep up with cybercriminals. If organizations are open to sharing information proactively, also known as intelligence sharing, this can help strengthen everyone’s cybersecurity and their response to potential threats.

Why Is Threat Intelligence Important?

Threat intelligence is more than just monitoring the change in the threat environment and adding new features in response to it — it’s about predicting how the industry will evolve and get ahead of the curve. Without threat intelligence, customers have no idea whether the solutions they implement are sufficient for their needs, and they have no understanding of future threats.

Threat Intelligence Significantly Reduces Costs!


If companies do not share their cyber-attack experiences, they leave the rest of their industry vulnerable. Not only do cyber criminals essentially attack many companies in turn, but each company must learn to respond to different threats on its own. This system harms the profitability of industries as a whole and is highly inefficient.

With Keepnet Labs’s Threat Intelligence module, you can share your cyberattack experiences and learn from your colleague’s cyberattack experiences with ease.

Author: Hector

Cyber Security Researcher

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