The 10 Steps to Achieve Effective Cybersecurity

The 10 Steps to Achieve Effective Cybersecurity — As organizations increasingly connect their operational processes to their cyber infrastructure, effective cybersecurity is key to an organization’s ability to protect its assets, including reputation, intellectual property, staff, and customers. Many companies believe that their investment in advanced technical solutions means they are well protected against cyberattacks. However, this is only part of an effective defense.

To counter the evolving cyber threats facing organizations today, organizations must ensure that there is an integrated approach to cybersecurity that addresses not only the technical aspects of their defenses but also people and organizational elements, tailored to their specific business and risk profiles. Here are 10 essential steps to achieve effective cybersecurity:

1- Risk Management Regime

2- Network Security

3- Managing User Privileges

4- Incident Management

5- Monitoring

6- Working Remotely

7- Malware Prevention

8- Removable Media Devices

9- Secure Configuration

10- Employee Education and Awareness

Author: Hector

Cyber Security Researcher

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