How to Protect Your Company Against Email Threats

Email security is one of the most important points for the growth and development of companies. Cyber ​​threats can find you and your employees anywhere. If you really want to protect your company against the dangers of email services, you must be 100% sure of the security of your email. Most companies are particularly vulnerable to advanced email threats. Therefore, in this article, we are looking for an answer to the question of how to protect your company against email threats.

How to Protect Your Company Against Email Threats: Here are 4 Important Tips!

How to Protect Your Company Against Email Threats

1. You should understand that e-mail services are the most preferred attack tool.

The most common threat vector used by hackers today is emails. So much so that we come across different and advanced types of email attacks. From phishing to ransomware, from BEC attacks to identity fraud, from spam to viruses, many threats target companies. But don’t worry, you can test how resistant your email services are against these attacks by using our Email Threat Simulator. Our tool uses next-generation email attacks, such as Fireeye, Deep Security, etc. tests your products, plus anomaly detection systems (SIEM) and traditional protection mechanisms (Antispam, Antivirus, Content Filter, etc.). In this way, it detects your weak points and provides solutions to your problems. Click for more information.

2. Don’t just focus on security and control tools.

Many companies take advantage of advanced email protection tools for real-time network intelligence, threat detection, and more. Using these tools is very important. But in addition to this, you should also train your employees. Our Cyber ​​Security Awareness Training tool is perfect for this job. Our tool is built to measure your company’s resilience against phishing attacks and cyber threats, and to improve its security posture through training. Goal here is to enable your users to better understand threats and detect advanced phishing emails in the future.

3. Integrate the tools you use into your email services.

Use the cloud, email and similar tools you use in your company in an integrated way with your cyber security tools. Cybersecurity advanced companies design the tools they use from the ground up to meet their specific security and control needs. But if you do not have such an opportunity, you can take advantage of the integrated tools that we offer you. For example, you can integrate our Incident Response tool into your e-mail system and have your employees report a suspicious email with one click.

4. Beware of other attacks that may affect your e-mail services.

Besides email attacks, hackers can attack your company through phishing, data breaches, malware and similar ways. Companies must have comprehensive knowledge if they want to permanently address growing security concerns. You can use our Threat Intelligence tool for exactly this purpose. Our tool helps identify risks potentially exploited by hackers. It collects information about current and potential risks of all types and analyzes them. In this way, it prevents data leaks and especially protects your brand’s reputation.

How to Protect Your Company Against Email Threats: Share Possible Threats!

How to Protect Your Company Against Email Threats

Our last recommendation to you is to strengthen internal communication. In the event of a possible threat, quick communication can solve many things and protect you from great harm. You can use our Threat Sharing tool for this. Threat sharing is an attack or threat intelligence sharing platform that we have developed to act proactively against cyber attacks and strengthen defense mechanisms. Your employees can share their information/intelligence about attacks and get information about possible threat activity on this platform. Click to check out more of our tools!

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