Email Security and 5 Benefits of Email Encryption

Email Security and 5 Benefits of Email Encryption — Today, business communication is mainly done via email. Employees cannot compromise on the mobility and reliability of their inboxes. When sending and receiving emails, from contract information to the latest sales reports, it is crucial that existing email data remain confidential. A single unaware click can result in a data breach by disclosing top-secret company information. That’s why email encryption should be the cornerstone of your business’s security plan. Therefore, my purpose today is explaining to you the five main advantages of email encryption.

1- Protect Confidential Information

cyberattackers may easily achieve your personal data for harmful purposes. Hence, email encryption is essential to protect your confidential information.

2- Avoid Identity Theft

3- Eliminate Message Replay Possibilities

4- Unprotected Backups

5- Avoid Business Risks

Email Security and 5 Benefits of Email Encryption — Strengthen Your Email Security with Keepnet Labs Modules

Awareness Educator — If you don’t have a current process to measure your organization’s vulnerability to phishing attacks and cyber threats, make improvements through education; it usually means nothing. Keepnet Labs Awareness Educator steps right in here. It ensures that users caught by Keepnet Labs phishing simulations are more aware of threats and better equipped to detect complex phishing emails in the future.

Email Threat Simulator — The Keepnet Labs Email Threat Simulator module regularly tests your company’s technological investments (such as firewalls, anti-spam, and antivirus) using simulation logic to simulate attack vectors targeting organizations through your email services. The results allow you to discover weaknesses in your technology in a secure environment and take proactive action before being attacked.


  • Use Keepnet’s Phishing Simulator to test your team against phishing attacks.
  • Use Keepnet’s Awareness Educator to train your employees who caught by Phishing Simulator.
  • Use Keepnet’s Email Threat Simulator to test additional vulnerabilities in your company’s security.

By using email encryption, and these three Keepnet Labs features, you will significantly strengthen your organization’s email security.

Author: Hector

Cyber Security Researcher

Keepnet is an anti phishing solution and cybersecurity awareness training platform