Easiest Way to Train Your Employees Against Phishing

As we all know, there has been a significant increase in phishing attacks in recent years. The increase in attacks targeting companies in particular has increased to an alarming level. According to experts, the biggest reason for these attacks is employees. Employees are said to be the biggest vulnerability in companies. So how can we fix this vulnerability? By training our employees, of course! Here’s the easiest way to train your employees against phishing!

Easiest Way to Train Your Employees Against Phishing

Easiest Way to Train Your Employees Against Phishing

Until your employees receive the necessary training and learn to recognize and report phishing attacks, they will continue to be your biggest vulnerability. As it is known, phishing and social engineering-like attacks are the number one method used by hackers today. We encounter almost 100,000 different cyber attacks every month. According to the data, phishing attacks occur more than any other cyberattack. Therefore, it seems that such cyber attacks will continue to be the number one concern of companies.

The most important feature of phishing attacks is that they cannot be prevented by purely technical means. That’s why phishing awareness training is a must. The aim of phishing awareness trainings is to train your employees on how to detect suspicious situations and how to report when necessary. In addition, you should tell your employees how to protect themselves and the company from cybercriminals and hackers. Only in this way can you protect your company against all kinds of threats.

Easiest Way to Train Your Employees Against Phishing: Phishing Awareness Step by Step!

Easiest Way to Train Your Employees Against Phishing

1. Organize Comprehensive and Regular Trainings for Your Employees.

Phishing awareness training helps your employees understand why phishing is harmful. This way you can give them the necessary information to detect and report possible phishing attacks. The method of these trainings varies from company to company. Depending on your company structure, you can initially conduct phishing awareness training with an informative article, a video or a short meeting. In addition to these, some companies prefer to train their employees in classrooms. Our Cyber ​​Security Awareness Trainer is perfect for this job. Click for more information!

2. Test Your Staff With Phishing Simulations.

Phishing simulations help increase the impact of phishing awareness trainings. This way, your employees can understand the risks. They also increase their stamina as they experience a firsthand attack. You can take advantage of many scenarios in the simulations, such as casual, targeted phishing or whaling attack. Our phishing simulation tool allows you to prepare scenarios according to your desired situation. In this way, you can choose the scenario suitable for your company and start the simulation.

3. Diversify Phishing Awareness Trainings.

Never use just phishing awareness trainings or just phishing simulations. Your employees gain awareness only when these two are used together. In addition, you should thoroughly explain to your employees that when they click on a malicious link or attachment, they are putting your company at potential risk. If they make any mistakes, you can forward them a “training page” and repeat the necessary information.

4. Analyze Simulation Results and Improve Your Protection.

Leverage phishing simulation results to identify your company’s weak spots. Analyzing these results will help improve your training. This way you can decide which additional defenses to use to protect against phishing. For example, if your employees are weak in reporting, you can use our Incident Response tool to have them report suspicious emails with one click. So phishing simulation results are crucial to keep your phishing awareness training and company protection moving forward. You can browse our site for more tools.

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