Phishing attacks are the biggest threat to online security today. But other cyber threats should not be overlooked. Therefore, you should prepare a program of the most comprehensive security awareness training for your employees. In your program, you must tell your employees how to protect themselves, their devices, and your company against online theft and fraud. So what should your program include? Here are 4 features phishing training should have!

4 Features Phishing Training Should Have

In the past, hackers targeted consumers in their phishing attacks. That’s why the first priority of companies was to protect their consumers from malware. However, phishing is considered the biggest cyber attack for companies today and is responsible for almost 100% of security vulnerabilities. Since cyber security measures are not at a level that can prevent all phishing attacks, your employees need training on what to pay attention to to protect themselves from these attacks. Phishing attacks are getting more complex day by day. Although there are dozens of methods that can be used, hackers usually prefer a handful of…

Email security is one of the most important points for the growth and development of companies. Cyber ​​threats can find you and your employees anywhere. If you really want to protect your company against the dangers of email services, you must be 100% sure of the security of your email. Most companies are particularly vulnerable to advanced email threats. Therefore, in this article, we are looking for an answer to the question of how to protect your company against email threats.

How to Protect Your Company Against Email Threats: Here are 4 Important Tips!

As we all know, there has been a significant increase in phishing attacks in recent years. The increase in attacks targeting companies in particular has increased to an alarming level. According to experts, the biggest reason for these attacks is employees. Employees are said to be the biggest vulnerability in companies. So how can we fix this vulnerability? By training our employees, of course! Here’s the easiest way to train your employees against phishing!

Easiest Way to Train Your Employees Against Phishing

Email is an important part of our daily communications. It is also one amongst the most common methods hackers use to try to access sensitive information. Over 90% of data breaches start with a phishing attack. Phishing attacks make use of fraudulent email messages designed to impersonate a legitimate person or organization. They try to trick the recipient into downloading malicious attachments or revealing sensitive information like passwords, bank account numbers and social security numbers. That’s why, in this article, we will talk about how hackers are trying to trap you by email.

Hackers Are Trying To Trap You By Email: What do phishing attacks aim for?

The Importance of Threat Intelligence Sharing — Cybercriminals find new vulnerabilities and develop more precise attacks every day. Cybersecurity professionals face an ongoing challenge to keep up with cybercriminals. If organizations are open to sharing information proactively, also known as intelligence sharing, this can help strengthen everyone’s cybersecurity and their response to potential threats.

Why Is Threat Intelligence Important?

The importance of threat intelligence for security technology providers cannot be overstated. Ultimately, it drives a substantial part of their roadmaps, allowing their solutions to keep pace with the rapidly changing threat environment, and most importantly, allowing customers to be appropriately protected.

Threat intelligence is more…

Email Security and 5 Benefits of Email Encryption — Today, business communication is mainly done via email. Employees cannot compromise on the mobility and reliability of their inboxes. When sending and receiving emails, from contract information to the latest sales reports, it is crucial that existing email data remain confidential. A single unaware click can result in a data breach by disclosing top-secret company information. That’s why email encryption should be the cornerstone of your business’s security plan. Therefore, my purpose today is explaining to you the five main advantages of email encryption.

1- Protect Confidential Information

Email encryption helps to protect your private…

The 10 Steps to Achieve Effective Cybersecurity — As organizations increasingly connect their operational processes to their cyber infrastructure, effective cybersecurity is key to an organization’s ability to protect its assets, including reputation, intellectual property, staff, and customers. Many companies believe that their investment in advanced technical solutions means they are well protected against cyberattacks. However, this is only part of an effective defense.

To counter the evolving cyber threats facing organizations today, organizations must ensure that there is an integrated approach to cybersecurity that addresses not only the technical aspects of their defenses but also people and organizational elements…

Best Email Security Practices for Employees — You can set up any system to protect your organization from cyberattacks, but many cyberattacks hit you where you are most vulnerable — your employees. Emails are one of the most used communication channels today. Cybercriminals can email malicious content messages to steal confidential data and harm your organization. For this reason, it is vital that your employees implement the necessary practises about email security. Here are five best email security practises to implement for your employees:

1- Strong Passwords

This advice has been around for a long time, but unfortunately, poor password implementations remain a…

What is a Phishing Simulation — Phishing simulations are used to train your staff to detect warning signs of malicious email. A security company that offers phishing simulations creates a series of fake phishing emails tailored to your organization. Fake phishing emails can be fake emails, but they closely mimic real phishing emails.

A proper phishing simulation program will be automated to reduce your input and improve the authenticity of the simulation. Typically, you run the simulation service regularly and modify it to reflect current scams. The software running the simulation sends pre-configured phishing emails to employees to test their…

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