4 Features Phishing Training Should Have

Phishing attacks are the biggest threat to online security today. But other cyber threats should not be overlooked. Therefore, you should prepare a program of the most comprehensive security awareness training for your employees. In your program, you must tell your employees how to protect themselves, their devices, and your company against online theft and fraud. So what should your program include? Here are 4 features phishing training should have!

4 Features Phishing Training Should Have

4 Features Phishing Training Should Have

1. Training should be accessible.

Specifically, you will need a series of security awareness training to complement your business’ current training program. So, your employees should be able to download and use the security awareness training modules anywhere, in any condition.

2. Training should be as comprehensive as possible.

You should make the security awareness training you offer your employees as comprehensive as possible. So, the trainings should cover a variety of topics, from safe password use to retention, and safe internet surfing. In addition, you should raise awareness of your employees about the physical security of devices and the protection of company data outside the office. Experts often warn employees about Insider Threats. Also, there are a few essential topics that should be included in your training. These topics are often very helpful in instilling cybersecurity awareness in your employees. So, here are 3 suggestions:

  1. Spear phishing
  2. Ransomware
  3. Out of Office Security

3. Make training interesting.

Engaging, interactive training helps your employees learn better. Your training should include elements that will enable employees to internalize cybersecurity. Among these elements, short lessons with interactive games and learning activities are the most effective. You can use our Awareness Educator for this. Our training tool includes content in multiple languages ​​so that multinational companies can benefit as well. Click for more!

4. Trainings should cover legal regulations.

Security awareness trainings are highly linked to privacy and data security compliance issues. There are many legal regulations to protect personal data, implement security measures, and take steps to report a breach. Especially companies operating in sectors with legal regulations should focus on security training. If your training also covers legal regulations, you can make your employees more conscious.

4 Features Phishing Training Should Have: What More Can You Do?

4 Features Phishing Training Should Have

It’s impossible to know where and when any cyberattack will find you. That’s why you should protect yourself with various tools. You should definitely support your phishing training with simulations. At Keepnet Labs we also offer phishing tests for companies of all sizes. So you can plan an unlimited number of advanced simulated phishing attacks to assess your company’s awareness of phishing attacks. If you want, you can visit our web page for our advanced anti-phishing tools that we offer you.

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